Iranians History on This Day

 Apr 9 

The Uprising of Beh-Afarid In Khorasan
Historians who wrote about the uprising of independent seeking Iranians, have documented 9 April AD 744 as the day when Beh-Afarid hoisted his flag in Zowzan, Khorasan. Followers of Beh-Afarid wore green color clothes in order to be distinguished. He, who had an incisive speech, was accused of witchery by his enemies. Iranians started rising in various parts of their country shortly after occupation of Iran by the Arabs. The history of “the rise of Iranian nationalism against Arab occupation of Iran” is among the most outstanding parts of the general history (history of the world) and full of heroisms and self-sacrifices.
    Translation by Rowshan Lohrasbpour




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