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 Feb 24 

Woman, s Day and Earth, s Day in the Ancient Iran
From thousands of years ago, in Iran, 5th Esfand (Separandarmazd =24 February) was named as Earth, s Day and ceremonies were held on this occasion. The Iranians of the ancient era would try their best to protect the earth (environment) from contaminations. Since the earth is the mother and bearer of food products and so creates life, the ancient Iranians had known women also to have the same good nature. Therefore, later on, the Earth, s Day changed to “The Earth and Women, s Day”, and was also called the day for self-sacrifice. The history of holding ceremonies and festivals on this day proves the age of the Iranian civilization and obliges the world to respect it. After the Sassanids, the celebrations on this day were also forgotten. But those of the Persians who had left their country after the Arab invasion and the Iranian Zoroastrians who remained faithful to their land, tried to gradually revive this tradition.
     Jamshid Nushervan Mehta, the first mayor of Karachi, and a Parsee (Parsi), made great effort so that the 5th day of the month of Esfand becomes the day of Earth and Women in the Indian Peninsula. In those days India belonged to England and was called the British India (Hindustan).
Jamshid Nushervan Mehta

    On 8 March 2009 Emam Ali Rahman, the President of Tajikistan, established the Earth, s and Women, s Day in this Farsi speaking country and announced that this day would be celebrated exactly like in the ancient Iran. He said that the 3000 years old Day of the Earth and Women (Mother, s Day) will be revived in the month of Esfand (Esfandgan) and added that Women, s Day in the west is less than 100 years old while we are celebrating it for 3000 years. It was not our fault that Russia would prevent its Iranian origin to be known by us because they were afraid that the Farsi speaking countries would think of uniting.
     Translation by Rowshan Lohrasbpour (AmordadNews writer)




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