Iranians History on This Day

 Feb 22 

The Avars Were Defeated by Iran, s Army And Became Scattered In Europe.
Military units guarding the frontiers of Iran and stationed in the periphery of Syr Darya (Seihun River), defeated the Avar tribes (Avars Confederation) that had settled in the pastures between Altai (Altay) and Tian Shan (Tien Shan) mountains and were planning to migrate to the Transoxiana region of Iran, in a one-day battle which took place on 22 February AD 560. As a result, the Avars (Turko – Mongol groups) diverted their route towards Europe (Central and Eastern Europe). These Iranian units, known as frontier guards, were a complete army and one of the four armies of Iran. A group of Avars (so - called Steppe Warriors) tried the next year to pass the Caucasia, s Darband (west coast of Mazandaran Sea) and enter Iran from this area, where they were again defeated by the Iranian troops under the command of General Guiv and got scattered in Europe. For the next few decades this continent suffered from their invasions, until finally, Charlemagne suppressed them and made them settle, and from then onwards no more assaults were reported. The defeat that the Avars had to bear from the Iranians is easy to mention. These tribes, which was related to the Turko – Mongol groups, had previously exhausted the Chinese Empire with their attacks while moving towards the west, had defeated the Heptalites and later subjugated the Slavic people and established a temporary empire in Balkan, and would also receive toll from the East Roman Empire. The Chinese had named these tribes the Juan-Juan. The language of the Avars was very similar to that of the Huns. The Avars would call their leader “Khagan (Khaghan)”.
    Translation by Rowshan Lohrasbpour (AmordadNews writer)




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