Iranians History on This Day

 Apr 18 

The Arabs Were Exiled to Kerman and Makran
Shapur II (Zolaktaf)

On 18 April AD 331, after suppressing the Arab rebels, who had infiltrated to Bahrain and the west coast of the Persian Gulf from Arabian desert in his childhood years, Shapur II (Zolaktaf), the then Sassanid king, gave orders to exile thousands of them to the far off villages of Kerman, and Makran (south of present day Baluchistan and west of Indus River). Shapur II was declared king of Iran before birth, and before his youth (during the rule of his viceroy) the Arabs took advantage of the power vacuum and one of the things they did was to illegally migrate to the Iranian territory. Shapur II later punished them in the most severe manner. It is written that the king ordered to make holes in the shoulders of the Arabs and tie them with a rope, for which reason the Arabs have named him ‘Zolaktaf’ (Roman historians have written that Shapur had broad shoulders and a strong neck and therefore was famous as Zolaktaf).
    Translation by Rowshan Lohrasbpour




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